Iris Aquatech

A partnership between Iris Aquatech and Clewer Aquaculture, Finland, enables Iris Aquatech to provide turnkey recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) for land-based fish farms worldwide. Clewer Aquaculture has over forty years of experience in the field of aquaculture and when combined with Iris' expertise, prospective clients will find our services to be the best in the industry for all your RAS plant building, operation, management, training fish feed etc. www.cleweraquaculture.com

Iris Lighting

Iris Lighting has over three decades of experience providing complete turnkey lighting and control systems that provide energy-efficient lighting options to meet a variety of customer requirements, including achieving compliance with energy mandate programs and LEED certification.

Iris Data Quality

Data is the new oil, and as the volume of data is exponentially increasing, so is the size of the Data Lake. It is becoming time-consuming and resource-dependent for all organizations to deploy, ensure and maintain a consistent quality of data within their data lakes and also ensure that business leaders get qualitative data without depending on costly procedures and skilled data scientists. Iris’s data quality product ( DQ Spider® ) will provide a boon to all looking to benefit and assess their data quality within their data lake. DQ Spider®  is a zero programming, zero coding-based product which will benefit insurance, banking, healthcare, engineering, and any use case which is wanting to have a qualitative insight. The product is delivered via on-premise, hybrid cloud, or fully cloud as SaaS models. www.dataqdimensions.com