• Robots will become an integral part of the Industry and commerce just as the internet. Iris Energy is preparing itself to offer specialized services like “RaaS” (Robot as a Service)

Power Electronics

Power is the Energy of all things. Energy loss occurs during power conversion. At Iris Energy USA our goal is to strive and achieve the best designs to achieve the maximum efficiency and the least power loss, by using and employing advanced semiconductor devices and solution. We have the expertise to make sure that your next Power Electronics will be more efficient and less bulky. Iris Energy USA can help and design your requirements AC/DC PSU, Battery Chargers -(Automotive) LED power supply 1.2KW and above.

smart grids

Smart Grids have become ubiquitous in the Power Sector of all governments across the world. It means various specific requirements to various needs and situations. At Iris Energy USA, we are equipped to provide the important elements of Information capture, exchange and transmission layers, including products like Smart Meters, Communication Interfaces ( Wi-Fi/ZigBee/Sub Gigahertz, etc.) and analytics and visualization platform.

Intelligent Transportation

Transportation is the lifeblood of every economy. Rapid urbanization, the population, globalization is conspiring to overwhelm the state of transportation systems across the world. At Iris Energy USA, we are poised to address and provide support to various Industries which needs to design and implement, autonomous vehicles, and or sub systems and or to enable the customers’ existing products with a suite of sensors and a platform for Analytics

data analytics

Cognitive technology wherein cognitive computing and business analytics will become synonymous in much the same way as much seen today between Analytics and Big Data. Data should be actioned upon, and this requires using only the specific data over a wide range of data within the data warehouse. Iris Energy USA with its deep learning algorithms and a specializing in VIDEO Analytics is geared to discuss and address specific development in this domain for a multiple of use cases.

research & development

Iris Energy USA, core competency lies within its capabilities of performing Research and Development services in the field of, Power Electronics, Lasers, LED Lighting, LI FI-, Infrastructure Power Protection Devices, Renewables, DC Lighting, and Renewable Grids (DC Micro), The services will include from concept to Design for Manufacturing.

Industrial Internet of Things

The IoT (The internet of Things) is almost become a common phenomenon and growing. Iris Energy USA is focused on the development and growth of the Industrial Internet of Things. Smart wearables as sensors for plant and hazardous location monitoring, asset tracking and location, environmental monitoring of plants, forest tagging, are some of the areas in which Iris Energy USA, is geared to provide solutions and services.