About Us

Iris Energy LLC is a design and product development company

Iris Energy LLC is a design and product development company focusing on commercial solutions involving complex algorithms, advanced electronics, power and communications, Electric vehicles and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine Vision.

The company offers complete, turnkey solutions, as well as solutions in system optimization, improving system efficiencies, enhancing product performance and features, cost effective solutions, and designing solutions for difficult operating parameters.

At the core of the company’s capability is a unique combination of Imagineering, Engineering, out-of-box thinking and an outstanding ability to synthesize diverse concepts. Typically, the company’s expertise is IP based and patent rich, making the solutions offered both unique and sustainable for clients.

Iris Energy harnesses the talents of a team of highly talented scientists and technologists who are at the forefront of their field, relentless in exploration and discovery, yet grounded in reality and practicality.

The business prides itself in its ability to add significant value to its customers and their R&D teams. Iris’s speed-to-market in particular, offers significant competitive advantage, as our team is able to turn around projects in almost half the time that it takes in-house R&D teams or external design houses to deliver.