Typically, clients engage with us when they have the following needs

Catching up Technologically

Competitor action has shifted the technology pendulum away from the company’s products, with threats of eroding market share or obsolescence

R&D Out-Reach

our in-house team can provide X, can you collaborate with our team to deliver significantly better?

New segment or Blue Ocean

Marketing perceives a clear market gap or product need, but R&D has no ready solution in-house, or skill base to address it


Pro-active product technology upgrades

Unsolved technical and technology problems

Particularly of interest to client’s customers

Breakthrough innovation

Know what we want –- makes great business sense –- don’t have route to the solution.

Need for Speed

To market – in-house R&D will take X months, can you do it in half that time?

Typically, solutions offered would be in the form of licensing proprietary technology or patents, design and supply of optimizing software, embedded chip sets, supply of sub-systems and sub-assemblies, or complete working prototypes.

Some areas in which the company can add significant value:

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Machine Vision

Deep Learning and Data analytics

  • Analytics of video, audio, image and textual data of all kinds
  • Various types of neural network algorithms, meta learning

Design of Electric Vehicles (EVs) – drive trains, energy storage, energy management, chargers – all vehicle formats

  • Greenfield design for defined terrain and climate and product brief
  • Optimization of existing models
  • Wireless charging infrastructure for EV cars (3 KW-20KW)
  • Trouble-shooting solutions

Power Electronics and device design

  • All kinds of AC-DC, DC-DC, DC –AC devices.
  • Controllers, inverters, converters
  • Renewable lighting devices and drivers
  • Addressable solutions and SCADA -- Complete addressability and analytics using SCADA, Industrial internet, multiple protocols including Power Line technology, Wifi, Zigbee, etc.
  • GPS enabled product solutions – across various systems such as Galileo, BeiDou, Navstar, GLONASS and IRNSS


  • Mining equipment
  • Material handling equipments
  • Automotive
  • Specialized equipment


  • Smart wearables
  • Asset tracking and location on continuous basis – beyond standard active RFID
  • Wireless communication and IOT
  • Renewable LED Lighting Solutions ( only DC based & Solar)